MPA-B 48 hour Open Marathon and ANNA SEMENOVA

Anna Semenova, The ClewFrom Friday 6pm on 10th until 6pm on Sunday 12th May, ACUD Gallery hosts a non-stop 48 hour marathon of performances.

It’s was the performance art extravaganza of MPA-B 2012 which saw up to 112 artists perform non-stop in front of the most diverse and intrigued of audiences. After overwhelming request, MPA OPEN 2013 the 48HR PERFORMANCE ART MARATHON is back to bring you the most daring, experimental, inspiring and just plain weird performances from artists from Berlin and around the world.

After performing, ourselves, last night (more to come on this amazing experience!) we returned at noon today, just in time to witness the Russian artist Anna Semenova performing ‘The Clew’ in the MPA-B 2013 48 hour marathon.


Anna Semenova, ‘The Clew’ from Webb-Ellis on Vimeo.

“I really emotionally go through the process… there is a special energy of performance – you just follow it, and what you planned in the beginning can be changed completely by the end.” Anna Semenova, MPA-B 2103

Anna Semenova 2


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