Ten Thousand Waves

“One of the problems with cinema is that it has forgotten that it is an art form. In Britain, in fact, they hate it, and that’s why one has had to return to the space of art to remember it. We don’t really have art cinema in Britain. Nowadays film is thought of as a skill to be honed for getting Oscars.” (Isaac Julien)




Isaac Julien: Ten Thousand Waves – nine channel video installation from Kunst+Film on Vimeo.


Isaac Julien’s most recent documentary about China’s ancient past and present is viewed as a film installation across 9 screens. This documentary installation is so visually and conceptually dense that the viewer is forced to find their own way into the film. This method of presentation really seems to enhance the creative potential of the medium and has led us to question what taking cinema away from the movie theaters and into the context of the art gallery might do to the medium.

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