Surrealist taxi


You phone 074 132 888 50

If someone picks up the phone, you may use the surrealist taxi if it is available. You may also book in advance.

You can indeed leave a message. Someone might phone you back.

If booked, the surrealist taxi will pick you up.

The surrealist taxi will deal you five cards.

The cards will determine direction of travel and time of travel in specified direction.

If you wish to alight, as you have found something interesting, you will shout stop.

If you wish to be dealt another card you will be dealt another card.

You will travel solo, in a pair or a three.

The surrealist taxi will cost £3 per card with a minimum buy in of five cards.

You will receive a memento of your journey.

We were picked up outside the library at 4pm, and dropped off 25 minutes later outside a Kebab shop about two miles away… the rest would be hard to put into words.

Surrealist taxi from Webb-Ellis on Vimeo.

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