It feels like a lot has happened since our last update! Tomorrow we are off to Bulgaria for the Water Tower Arts Festival where we will be documenting the program and showing some work. We just wanted to give a brief update before we leave. Look out for our blog posts from the Water Tower Art Fest, it promises to be great.

The first thing we want to share with you is that we have been offered a studio residency at Crescent Arts in Scarborough! We are delighted, and will be moving into our new studio early July.

These last couple of weeks, we have been completely focused on setting up a prototype of our new installation at Crescent Artspace in Queen Street, Scarborough. Nerves have been high, as this is such an important stage of the project- where our visions come to life.

Webb-Ellis installation 01

It was a fantastic process to go through, and we now realise how crucial it is to be able to test installations as an integrated part of the creative process. Unsurprisingly, the film functions very differently within a space and at a much larger scale, and we know there is still quite a bit of work ahead- stripping back and understanding what each element does in the overall installation.

Webb-Ellis installation 02

We are so happy that, as residents of Crescent Arts, we will have access to this space in the future to fluidly test and tweak our installations.

We have just returned from a really wonderful weekend at the Burnlaw Centre in Northumberland with the Star and Shadow Cinema.. Losing the Plot

The weekend was described as a ‘film retreat’… “What makes going to the pictures special is being in a room with lots of other people.  The idea behind our project is to extend this communal experience from 90 minutes in the dark to a whole weekend away together in the wilderness.  The content of the weekend revolves around contemporary specialised film – documentaries, narrative films and experimental films that people keen on cinema, particularly those who live rurally, would find hard to see on the big screen.”

The whole event was more inspiring and in-depth than we had imagined. We came away feeling that it really could have lasted for a week or more (especially considering the superb food)! The setting and program encouraged in-depth discussion and the films we watched were both challenging and diverse.

I must admit that sometimes, despite our love of cinema, after a long day it is not Bela Tarr that we look forward to watching, but Breaking Bad. Finding the head space, and slowing down from the everyday concerns of life, enough to enjoy films such as Bela Tarr’s The Turin Horse, is rare. This weekend we immersed ourselves, and delighted in, the art of cinema. Thank you to everyone who made this possible and we really hope it will happen again sometime soon!

Webb-Ellis installation 03

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