Weeks & Whitford: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Notes taken during the performance:

the first and the last

a photograph, a gift

milk becoming sour

decomposing underneath

the broken gun, neon orange water gun

broken puppet/ toy soldier /doll

Weeks and Whitford 04

then the fire comes, of course- inevitable. essential

plastic under earth, a single seed

sounds inside the mouth

the feather on the tongue

electric light and plastic

neon shadows


Weeks and Whitford 02

unveiling, uncovering, revealing

clouding the mirror

the floppy doll with tangled strings, pants falling down

Weeks and Whitford 03

don’t do that my love, it stinks in here

intoxication, smoke

drunken stagger, a limp ragdoll dance

(absent child) MILK

tenderness and fury

the final lens is slate

the beginning and the end

Weeks and Whitford 01



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