We have recently been thinking a lot about the fluid relationship between text and image in a documentary context, and particularly in experimental film making. Combining text and image is new to us, as we often seek to address those experiences that defy words. This is a rich area for experimentation.

We are  intrigued by Illya Szilak’s online, interactive novel, Queerskins which uses open source media and collaborations forged via the Internet to create the novel. This alternative way of engaging a viewer / reader is fascinating in relation to our practice and we consider contributing to this project in the future.

Harnessing the modern reader’s capacity to suture disparate pieces of information, Queerskins not only subverts conventional authorship and narrative unity, it recapitulates the sedimentary process by which identity is formed.


Hollis Frampton’s ‘Gloria’ made us question the way films tell stories and reveal their own narrative devices to the viewer.


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