PUBLIC SPACE and THE BODY / How does a viewer enter into the experience of art?

Antony Gormley, Critical MassAfter listening to extensive discussion about the themes of our 2011 installation, ‘Clinging’ we really began to question how explicitly we prescribe meaning to our work. We have become interested in creating installations with no defined meaning, in which the viewer is free to explore and interpret the work on their own terms.

The sculptor, Antony Gormley has commented on the way so much art today is about the market and the symbolic meaning of art rather than how we experience a work of art.

“For me now, I think that we, in a way, we need art, not as it seems to be becoming in terms of the market- an object of talismanic exchange, but as a space in which we can, in a way, familiarise ourselves with the incommensurable, the unknowable, the unseeable… and in some sense, escape from the nominance of symbolic orders.”

– Antony Gormley, Public space and the body

Here, on the British Council website, Antony Gormley talks about the nature and impetus for his work.


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