After 3 wonderful months in Berlin, we set off on a journey of over 2,000 km. Along the way we will shoot and develop our film, ‘Mother, I am going’, before finally arriving at a 3 week artist residency in Bulgaria in September.  Along the way, we were invited to take part in a week long artist symposium in the Rusenski Lom National Park in North West Bulgaria.

National Park

Symposium discussions

The theme of the 2013 symposium was related to memory, and we used this opportunity to research a performance that may become part of our film. Spending time with the other seven artists was great. We have found the discussions and friendships that emerge during a residency are one of the most valuable reasons for being there. The work produced was shown for a month at Ruse Art Gallery. Many thanks to Penka Mincheva for inviting us.

The photos of the symposium are taken by our new friend Lars Åsling.

Building box

Lomea exhibition


Art symposium “Lomea”2013 / August 25 – September 1 / Pisanets, Bulgaria

Art Symposium LOMEA is an international annual art event that takes place in Rousse region, which offers a pleasant working atmosphere in nature. The organizers are providing food and accommodation for the artists during the symposium. Art Symposium LOMEA also provides the materials needed for the realization of the art projects.

The main organizer of the Art Symposium LOMEA is Milko Belberov – Director of the National Park “Rusenski Lom” within which area the symposium is held.

The theme of the art symposium this year (Memories of Ashes) seems a bit pessimistic, but it is a memory in general, which is a kind of ash from what was formerly a process. Etymologically ashes lead to antiquity, the Volcano, the ritual sacrificial fire, etc. In our case, however, the history of Roussenski Lom (Lomea) is literally covered by the ashes of time.

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