MPA-B and May Day

Kreuzberg May Day


So it begins. We arrived in Berlin, Kreuzberg, in the middle of the May Day celebrations. The place has an amazing energy and we are drinking it all in. Having not known that this celebration was taking place, it was a sensory overload – the crowds and food, dancing, music, graffiti, and later on the fights that this festival is known for, made this one hell of a welcome to Berlin.

Yesterday we met with Francesca, the Project Manager of the Month of Performance Art, who welcomed us so warmly and invited us to join her team of official bloggers. Last night we attended our first event at Mind Pirates– a live performance with experimental sound by Eru and Seven of Englise with a very special work by the artist Nathalie Mba Bikoro. More to come on this…

Kreuzberg May Day from Webb-Ellis on Vimeo.

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