MPA goodbye


The month of May has just sped by. It is hard to believe that the MPA-Berlin is already over. This month long platform for international performance art is what initially sparked our decision to head to Berlin, and has been more enjoyable and inspiring than we ever imagined it would be.

When we arrived at the beginning of May, we were welcomed so warmly by Francesca Romana Ciardi, the Project Manager, and invited to join the team of official bloggers. We have been completely immersed in performance and performance art, and met many weird and wonderful people (as well as performing twice ourselves).

The vibrations that this immersion has created in our own work are still to be understood, and we are enjoying discussing our experiences as they continue to sink in. We leave this month feeling less sure of what performance art actually is, than when we arrived… which is great. Our work seems to be flying at the moment, and we are really excited about our next moves. Thank you MPA-B.

Here is a short video we made of our best bits…

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