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‘Relay Replay: Performative Feedback is a one-day event that explores how alternative ways of documenting performance art can be used as a type of communication between performer and audience, as well as between audience and artists themselves.

The event presents different participatory performances from artists who deal with the concepts of documentation and feedback within their practice. In this way, the event proposes to examine the concept of feedback as part of a dynamic system or a loop, emphasizing that information in itself is not feedback unless it is translated again into action.

As mediators, we are interested in the communicative potential of an art piece and how the passive, one way communication often used in art can be transformed into an active dialogue between audience and artists. Therefore, during the evening, the audience is invited to create alternative forms of documentation, not only sharing a common ground for experimentation, but also highlighting the potential of the documentation as material in itself that can be re-interpreted and transformed into something new. ‘

Mother Again Agora 4ARTISTS

Janine Eisen├Ącher

Lan Hungh

Lynda Iman Ait Amer Meziane

Andrew and Caitlin Webb-Ellis



Tina Mariane Krogh Madsen

Iohanna Nicenboim

Leela Shanker

Naemeh Shirazi










The Beginning


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Mother Again Agora 2

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