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We are now in the final stages of producing our yearlong work ‘MOTHER, I AM GOING’, as I’m sure you have guessed, this is why our blog posts have become few and far between! Last time we wrote a project update we had just come away from our first meeting with the film’s sound designer, Ian Hulme. Today we met with Ian to hear his final mix for the three screen installation and wanted to share some feelings with you.

For the last four months we have been totally immersed in editing which has been an intense and often emotionally draining period. Andrew and I are very lucky to collaborate so closely that we ride the ups and downs together!

Island house 2

During editing we have watched our footage, and each new version of the film, again and again. Among the flashes of clarity and electricity that editing can bring, we occasionally found ourselves becoming numb to certain sections, or momentarily losing sight of the feelings and ideas that drove us to create the work. During these moments, it was the sound that re-awoke us, and Ian’s interpretation of the film that reassured us of our direction.

The collaboration with Ian has brought more to the work than we ever expected. When we first ran our Kickstarter campaign, almost a year ago, Ian told us that he was really interested in the project and would love to work on the sound. He told us what moved him, and his initial ideas, and we knew then that he was the right person. The sound has been entirely created to the image, meaning weeks of work, as we collaborated alongside each other, watching the film emerge simultaneously in image and sound. We are now down to the fine edit stage, and the single-channel film is running at about 12 minutes with credits, and the three screen installation is about 20 minutes looped.

Today, with goose bumps, we listened to Ian’s amazing final mix for the three screen installation- musically composed and densely layered. Here is a trailer to give you a little taste of what we are making…

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