Are you aged 16-18? Want your videos to be included in a new film in a London gallery?

We will pay £25 to each person whose footage we include in the film.

Artist filmmakers Webb-Ellis are making a new film work that will be shown at the Jerwood Space in London from April 2019. Their film follows the experiences of a number of young people across the UK.

We’re interested in your world and how you see life, seeking young people (aged 16-18) to share their own footage with us. This could be something you film now – on your phone or camera – or footage you already have.

Types of footage we’re interested in:

Your daily life, things you find interesting in your daily life
Your thoughts – on subjects like love, growing up, animals, your experiences of death, your bigger ideas about the universe.
Your environment – where you live, where you spend your time
Your pets – do you have any pets? We’d love to see them

When recording your videos, there are some things you could consider to make it more likely that we will use your clip. These are:

Sound quality – if you are speaking we would like to hear your voice clearly without too much background noise.
Holding the phone in landscape mode is preferable, though not essential
Making sure what you are recording is well lit

As an example, we have embedded a link to the film Life in a Day below this text, which is made up of clips like the ones we are seeking.

If you need some suggestions to get you started, here are some examples of things we would like to see:

Your waking up/going to bed routine
You preparing food
Dancing in your bedroom
Speaking to camera, whilst swinging on a swing in the park

Because we need everyone who features in our work to give their permission, please don’t film the faces of anyone else in your footage. Without their written permission, we won’t be able to include your clip!

Please submit your footage, along with a completed version of the form attached here, to us at [email protected] You can send up to 2GB for free using WeTransfer, with no account needed.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

The deadline is midday Monday 28th January. We look forward to seeing your videos 🙂