FACING THE OTHER is an unrealised project.

Facing the otherIt will be a large scale, 4 screen video installation, depicting a feat of endurance in which the artist duo, ‘Webb-Ellis’, pursue each other around the interior perimeter of a gallery space for the duration of 24 hours.

Four, high resolution cameras will record the four walls of the space, and the artists, as they run around its edges. The video installation will project these recordings into the same space, at life size scale, and in real time.

The projected images become like a memory of the act, held in the space, replaying before the viewer’s eyes. There is no predetermined viewing time and the gallery visitor will be free to explore the installation at their own will.

The installation will explore the moment by moment dynamic between the two artists, and aims to create a hybrid reality, a space in which the viewer can experience a tension between absence and presence, the immediacy of the lifelike images and the knowledge that the event is already in the past.


Technical test projection from Webb-Ellis on Vimeo.

This video shows a test projection. This video is simply intended to be seen as a technical experiment. The quality and scale of the image do not represent a vision for the installation, however, this test was important in understanding the technical workings and requirements of the project.