Richard Ashrowan


MOTHER. I AM GOING, by the British/Canadian artist-filmmakers Caitlin and Andrew Webb-Ellis was one of the highlights of our installations strand of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival 2015. Brilliantly executed and produced to an exceptionally high standard, this installation is a rigorous, deeply thoughtful and visually compelling meditation on the uncertainty of memory, mirrored within the ambiguous territories the film-installation inhabits. Many visitors to this installation were visibly moved by their experience: this work provokes inward questions about cinema’s capacity to recall, reconstitute and revise our personal memory record. A strikingly mature work by two distinctly talented emerging artists. Webb-Ellis are, I am sure, destined for great things.


Laura Evans


During the time that Mother. I am Going was exhibited at the UK Young Artists Leicester Festival 2014, audiences were captivated by Webb-Ellis’ impressive installation. The work was immersive, intelligent and beautiful and we were extremely proud to showcase it as a highlight of the weekend. Caitlin and Andrew showed absolute professionalism in installing the piece and were fantastic ambassadors across the weekend in engaging in conversation with the public about their work.


Stuart Cameron


Andrew and Caitlin’s contribution to our programme of work was hugely valuable for both the organisation and for the development of their practice. Their work with Helen Sear, assisting with her installation ‘Pond’ provided an opportunity for them to learn from a highly experienced artist and to gain first-hand knowledge of her process of working and installing for public viewing. Discussion was not confined to technical matters, but encompassed critical debate concerning the work.

The video installation ‘Clinging’ which they presented at The Coliseum in Whitby in June 2011 was well conceived and very powerful. It was made with a very slender budget, which in no way diminished its effect as a strong and provocative piece of work. There was a great deal of discussion between the artists and viewers about the work, and the strong response equipped them with a clearer understanding of how the viewer felt when immersed within the installation.

Andrew and Caitlin have formed a very effective artist-partnership whereby their respective skills and abilities are complementary. Their internal dialogue concerning their practice extends naturally to working and engaging with other artists. Whilst much of their practice is studio-based, filming is often ‘on location’ which can give the work a documentary context. When this translates into site specific or installation work it creates the tension between ‘fiction’ and ‘reality’ which is central to their investigations as artists.