Jade Montserrat

Film still showing artists Jade Montserrat and Webb-Ellis on a zoom call. Jade holds a small video camera, they are all smiling.
Chronicle ia, film still, Jade Montserrat and Webb-Ellis, 2020


This page collects work made in collaboration with research based artist and activist Jade Montserrat


Jade Montserrat is a research-led artist and writer based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. She makes visual and live artworks that explore race and the vulnerabilities of bodies, the tactile and sensory qualities of language and challenge the structures of care in institutions.

Collaborative work


RE:seeding, in correspondence 2020
performingbordersLIVE20 and Live Art Development Agency
Performance to camera suggesting that there is a connection between ourselves and the earth and that this line, or connection, like our communications with one another, is drawing. 

Platform Arts Project, 2020
Jade Montserrat, Webb-Ellis, Alexandra Moore
In 2015, research-led artist Jade Montserrat, and artist filmmakers Webb-Ellis, collaborated on a series of short ‘performance to camera’ videos. One of these videos, entitled ‘Cage’, was too difficult for them to process and discuss at the time of its creation, and so was left unseen. This year, in collaboration with writer and academic Alexandra Moore, they have watched the video again together, opening up conversations spanning land ownership, collaboration, feminism, race, and trauma. 
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Chronicle ia, 2020
Scarborough Museums Trust
The film explores the impact of lockdown and chronicles the process of making, and new ways of being, that encourage mutual support and acts of care. Working through a series of digital conversations between the artists using the online platform Zoom, the film explores the personal and inter-personal impacts of lockdown through the documentation of a collaborative making process, emphasising new ways of co-existing that are based on support.

Cage, 2015
Performance to camera vignette.

Peat, 2015
Performance to camera vignette.
Essay about Peat by Sarah Jane Cervenak

Clay, 2015
Performance to camera vignette

Josephine and the Leopard, 2014
Performance to camera vignette


“Inscribing and retracing histories and exorcising myth from a contained space, Montserrat’s body, masked and ‘Othered’, onto the page, through drawing print, painting and film, serves to interrogate projected binaries. Hunter or hunted? Occupier or occupied? Archeologist or artifact? Complicit or implicit? Transformer or transformed?”