Jade de Montserrat

Film still showing artists Jade Montserrat and Webb-Ellis on a zoom call. Jade holds a small video camera, they are all smiling.
Chronicle ia, film still, Jade de Montserrat and Webb-Ellis, 2020


This page collects work made in collaboration with artist Jade de Montserrat


Jade de Montserrat makes visual and live artworks that explore race and the vulnerabilities of bodies, the tactile and sensory qualities of language and challenge the structures of care in institutions.

List of works

Soul of Fire,
2023, Jade de Montserrat, 48mins
Camera and editing by Webb-Ellis
Commissioned by Hospitalfield 

Black (re) turn, 2023, Jade de Montserrat, 3hrs 14mins 
Camera support and editing by Webb-Ellis
Commissioned by Art Licks at Cow Syke, Bransdale and funded by Arts Council England

Untitled (The Wretched of the Earth, after Frantz Fanon), 2023, Jade de Montserrat, 3hrs 26mins
Editing by Webb-Ellis
drawing installation documentation, Institute of Contemporary Art, University of Pennsylvania, 2018.

(I) pass on, 2022, Jade de Montserrat, 30 mins
Editing and creative collaboration by Webb-Ellis
Commissioned  by Touchstones Rochdale

RE:seeding, in correspondence, 2020, 23 mins
Commissioned by performingbordersLIVE20 and Live Art Development Agency

Platform Arts Project, 2020
Jade de Montserrat, Webb-Ellis, Alexandra Moore
Commissioned by Platform Arts
Online project

Chronicle ia, 2020, 14 mins
Commissioned by Scarborough Museums Trust

Cage, 2015
Performance to camera vignette.

Peat, 2015, 6 mins
Performance to camera vignette.
Essay about Peat by Sarah Jane Cervenak

Clay, 2015, 9 mins
Performance to camera vignette

Josephine and the Leopard, 2014, 6 mins
Performance to camera vignette